in the collaborations 04 / Baiyon, Takeshi Nishimoto

Release : 05-27-2010
Number : descanso004
Format : Digital EP

“in the collaborations 04″はBaiyonとTakeshi Nishimotoによるコラボレーション。
Takeshi NishimotoはJohn TejadaとのバンドI’m Not A Gunのギタリストとしても知られ、ワールドワイドに様々な公演やレコーディングで活躍し、City Centre Officesからソロアルバムのリリースも行っている。今回のコラボレーションはTakeshi Nishimotoによる様々なジャンルを通過し独特のフローを持ったギターにBaiyonのリズムが絡むテックハウストラックとなっている。また、 op.disc, Contexterrior, District of Corruption, Lick My Deck等からリリースを重ねているAkiko Kiyamaによるディープなリミックスを収録。

“in the collaborations 04” features the music of Baiyon and Takeshi Nishimoto.Nishimoto is well known as the guitarist of John Tejada’s band I’m Not A Gun. He is active as a live performer at international venues and has recorded at numerous studios around the world. His solo album was released by City Centre Offices label, whose headquarters is in Berlin, Germany.
The EP features a collaborative tech house track, combining Nishimoto’s characteristically genre-defying guitar style, backed by a rhythm track of Baiyon’s design. 
Also included is a remix track by Akiko Kiyama who has released music from op.disc, Contexterrior, District of Corruption, Lick My Deck and various other labels.



like the 2 nd track
Sis (cecille Records,sei es drum,Cocoon Recordings)

yes please send me the promos :)
Petre Inspirescu ([a:rpia:r],Cadenza,VinylClub)

both tracks are really good

i like the release a lot…..super jazzy…funky…..!!!!!!!
Mathias Kaden (Freude am Tanzen,Vakant Records)

good work both tracks i like most the akiko’s one.
Chris Carrier (Adult Only,Catwash,Robsoul)

the original track is absolutly my favourit! for sure i will play it;-)
Luna City Express (Moon Harbour)

The first track is nice. Pls send 320 mp3s.
M.A.N.D.Y.(Get Physical)

Very nice EP ! i love Akiko Kiyama Mix ,i’ll play it
Yakine (Adult Only,EKLO)

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