in the collaborations 01 / Baiyon, August Engkilde

Release : 12-16-2009
Number : descanso001
Format : Digital EP

Baiyon による新レーベル「Descanso」からリリースされる「in the collaborations」シリーズの01番はpole, Flanger, Senor Coconut, Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Playersや、自身のバンドE.P.O.(~Scape)などでプレーヤー/プロデューサーとして活躍するAugust Engkildeとのコラボレーション!Augustのプレイするベースやトロンボーンが印象的なジャズ・テイスト溢れるオーガニックなミニマル・トラッ ク。 remixはIENASAW(vinyl club)としても活躍するイタリアのlorenzo chiabotti。最近ではexprezooやResopalからシングルをリリースしている気鋭のアーティスト。

“in the collaborations”

The first collaboration is Baiyon with August Engkilde(Multi-instruments player/Producer). August played at many bands and project such as pole, Flanger, Senor Coconut, Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Playersand his own band “E.P.O.” that released on ~Scape.His play put lots of jazzy and organic flavor on this work.
The remix by Italian producer Lorenzo Chiabotti as know as IENASAW(Vinyl Club).He’s new-comer releasing singles from Exprezoo and Resopal.

“in the collaborations”
“in the collaborations” is the name of a series of singles in which Baiyon collaborates with various artists.
In this project, serial collaborative singles with a variety of artists are scheduled to be released accompanied by exclusive remix tracks.



Baiyon is a big egg…
we would like to play them…
Das Krause Duo(Musik Krause)

very cool release
especially the remix

i really like the original and also the remix but my fav is the original…
Mathias Kaden(Freude am Tanzen,Vakant Records)

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